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Delivering fresh, natural, local food and supporting Hampshire’s local producers.


Fresh, Natural & Local Produce in Hampshire

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Not Just Great Produce…


Did you know that the average age of an apple on a supermarket shelf is 12 months old?!!? We couldn’t quite believe this either but it is true… Plus studies show that most vegetables lose upwards of 55% of their nutrients within 5 days of them being picked or harvested.

We work hard with local producers and our wholesalers to bring your the freshest of fruit, veg and other produce so that it doesn’t lose its taste, nutrients and isn’t a year old!


We work with organic producers, sustainable growers and regenerative farmers to bring you the most naturally grown produce as we possibly can.

Farming in a way that gives back more than we take out of our natural environments is something that we extremely passionate about, and should be something we all look to support. For our children and grandchildren we need to be taking care of our soils, nature, wildlife and the resources we all need.


Supporting local producers and eating local foods is at the core of our beliefs and helps us to achieve our first two pledges of fresh and natural produce.

It’s simple local food from the producers we work with doesn’t travel as far leading to less carbon emissions, leading to less time to your plate (more nutritious and tasty), and leading to less unnatural preservatives being needed.

Plus supporting local farmers, grower and producers means we can pay them a fair deal for their efforts.

Electric Van Charging

Delivered with Zero Carbon Emissions in our Fully Electric Van

We made an investment to make sure our carbon footprint is as low as we can make it… Last year we purchased an entirely electric van so that we burn zero fossil fuels in delivering our veg boxes, fruit and veg boxes, and local produce to the Winchester and surrounding areas.

This is part of our pledge to look after the environment around us and work towards tackling climate change.

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About Us

Hampshire Veg Box started as Ooooby Hampshire back in 2020, rebranding recently to show we do exactly “what it says on the tin”. Our team has over 60 years combined  experience in growing veg, running veg box schemes, and working in sustainable local food industries.

All of our team at the moment live in or around Winchester, Fair Oak, Eastleigh and the surrounding areas meaning they are actively involved in local activities, campaigns and love local events.

We want the Hampshire Veg Box experience to be a friendly approachable one, so please do get in touch if you have any questions or just want to chat.

SHop Local

Why Local Food Is Important

First and foremost, eating local food supports local producers and strengthens the local economy. By purchasing food from nearby growers, we contribute to the livelihoods of local people and help them sustain their operations.

Additionally, eating locally reduces our carbon footprint. Food that is transported over long distances consumes significant amounts of energy, contributing to greenhouse gas emissions. When we choose locally sourced produce and goods, we reduce the need for extensive transportation, thereby minimizing our environmental impact.

Furthermore, local food is fresher and more nutritious. Since it doesn’t have to travel long distances, it can be harvested at peak ripeness, maximizing its flavor and nutritional value.

Finally, eating locally promotes a connection with our community and fosters a sense of food security. By knowing where our food comes from and building relationships with local producers, we create a more resilient and self-sufficient food system… This is why we do, what we do.

How It Works


Choose Your Box

You choose how you want to get your veg.. You can choose from our range of different sized seasonal veg bags that we fill with organically-produced veg that is from as local as possible. You can also select this option for a fruit & veg box, or you can select a box where you fill it whatever you like with each order.


Add Any Extras

Each week we confirm your order with what has been selected for you, or what you have built into your box and drop you an email. You then have a couple of days to add any of life’s little extras in. From Oat Milk, to Stunning Sourdough, Local Cheese to Gorgeous Smoked Fish… There is lots to choose from!


We Deliver To Your Door

We deliver on Wednesdays, Thursdays and Fridays depending on where you live… We pack your produce on the morning of delivery so that it is super fresh. The deliveries take place between 10am and early afternoon each day, and you can tell us a safe place for us to leave it, if you aren’t going to be in!

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