Munch Lunch & Dinner Cookbook


Munch Lunch & Dinner features 40 delicious recipes and includes 20 recipes in easy read format too, making it fully inclusive to a wide range of ages and abilities.

PLUS, all profits help individuals and children at Munch Cooking Clubs learn valuable life skills, which is what we love more than anything here at Munch!

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Munch Lunch & Dinner, Your New Kitchen Essential 

Munch Lunch & Dinner will help you gain more confidence in the kitchen. It’s a new cook book that is packed with easy-to-follow, delicious meals. Discover how you can turn low-cost and easy to find ingredients to tasty and nutritious dishes. 

Munch CIC is a social enterprise, based in Winchester. They are passionate about fighting health inequalities, empowering communities, and helping individuals make healthy changes and learn about sustainable nutrition. The book was born out of Munch Community Cooking workshops and courses which they run to help people develop the skills and confidence they need to cook from scratch. Munch Lunch and Dinner was designed as a take home tool for the low income and disadvantaged groups they regularly work with. However, they realised many more people would benefit from their back-to-basics approach to home cooking and meal planning. 

This cook book is more than just recipes. It guides you through stocking your cupboards with versatile ingredients and batch cooking meals for future use. There are also tips for reducing waste and making your food go further by utilising leftovers. Throughout the book there is nutritional information and advice about eating sustainably including great ways to introduce more plants into your diet. 

It is perfect for new cooks, young people and anyone who wants some new ideas for mid-week meals!

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